New Year holidays

We will be closed during the following period.
December the28th (afternoon) -January the5th (afternoon)

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


DUO Dental Clinic has started Instagram.
We will post special offers for you!!!!!

Summer Campaign 2021!!

Free dental checkup for 20minutes will be carried out from July 19 to August 31.2021.
NO required any insurance card.
Please call or come to the clinic to make an appointment as it is expected to be busy.
Donft miss it!
TEL:06|6136|6480@DUO dental clinic

Regarding COVID-19

To preventive measures against COVID-19
We take various measures to prevent against COVID-19,

1, Provision of rubbing alcohol in common areas
2, Pre-treatment temperature check for patients
3, Rinse for 30 seconds before treatment by all patients
4, Wearing of masks by all staff members, and home treatment in case of illness
5, Ensure that maintain distance
6, Ventilation constantly

Keeping mouth clean has been proven to reduce the risk of bacterial and viral infections.

We, as medical professionals, pay sufficient attention to COVID-19, and protect your oral health.